New Adoptive Mom is “Doing Something Right”

25th of January 2017

Trinity Youth Services Adoption


20170124-img_8212-webA Joyous Occasion

“This is a joyous occasion,” a Trinity Youth Services adoption social worker said. After being in foster care for almost all of his young life, a 22-month-old baby boy was adopted by the Spivey family with the aid of Trinity Youth Services.

The boy was placed into foster care just days after birth. Ms. Spivey took him into her home as soon as the hospital discharged him. He was only 3 days old and Ms. Spivey immediately felt there was a place in her family for him.

“When I met him, I knew,” she said. “He’s always been such a good little boy.”

Ms. Spivey also has an 18-year-old son and is currently fostering a baby girl, who is expected to be reunited with her birth family soon. Some have told Ms. Spivey she is crazy for once again taking on the role of new mother now that her older son is grown, but her response is that she is “beyond excited.” She said, this baby boy “has always been my son and I’m here to make it legal.”


During the adoption finalization, Ms. Spivey was surrounded by the support of representatives from Trinity Youth Services and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), as well as her lawyer and members of her immediate and extended family. The entire Spivey family was overjoyed to welcome the child into their lives, so much so, that some relatives flew to Los Angeles to surprise Ms. Spivey by being there in person.

“This was a joint effort getting him here today,” Ms. Spivey said as she thanked everyone for being there.

20170124-img_8122-webDoing Something Right

The family and supporters gathered in the courtroom where the Spivey family’s adoption lawyer made the formal appeal for the adoption and the judge formally granted it. As the room cheered, the baby boy threw his little hat into the air, smiling and giggling. The judge laughed and commented that Ms. Spivey “must be doing something right.”

If you are moved to “do something right” for a child in need of a “Forever Family” and are interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent like Ms. Spivey, contact Trinity Youth Services today to begin your journey: 888.346.9645 or

*Names have been omitted to protect our clients’ privacy.


Congratulations to the Spivey family! From all of us at Trinity Youth Services.

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