Albertsons Foundation Donates $1,500 to Feed Foster Youth

20th of October 2021

The Albertsons Companies Foundation donated $1,500 to help feed the foster youth of Trinity Youth Services’ (TYS) Short-Term Residential Treatment Program. Their dedication to helping the community has impacted the lives of foster youth in Apple Valley, El Monte, and Yucaipa.  

Keeping our youth healthy is our main priority and we appreciate the partnership of Albertsons Companies Foundation. The impact of the COVID 19 pandemic and transition to meet the requirements of the Family First Prevention Services Act of 2018 (FFPSA), has tremendously effected TYS. It is thanks to organizations such as the Albertson’s Companies Foundation that we are able to continue helping children and families create a better future.  

To learn more about how you can help our foster youth, click here to get involved.

Isabel Millward-Pena, Communications Specialist
Isabel contributes content for our social media, blog, newsletters and promotional materials. She recently earned a bachelor’s degree in English from California State University San Bernardino and is currently working on her master’s degree. Isabel began working at Trinity as an intern, was hired as clerical, and was then promoted to communications in our development department. Prior to her work at Trinity, she was a substitute instructional aid and a supervisor at Starbucks. She has also volunteered as an aid at local elementary schools and notably achieved “Partner of the Quarter” at Starbucks in 2017. Isabel is an active member of Trinity’s Diversity, Inclusion, Value and Equity (DIVE) team and volunteers her time at the Children’s Foundation of America.

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