Announcing Programs for Unaccompanied Youth

12th of October 2022

This year, Trinity began a contract with the Office of Refugee Resettlement to provide transitional support to unaccompanied youth from South America and around the world. While in the program, youth are provided shelter, food, clothing, and education including English language and more.

“Everyone is getting on board,” says Program Director, Jennifer Artiga. “Everyone is excited to work with this population because they come with so many stories. They come with trauma that we all want to work with in hopes that we get them to a loving home environment. It’s been amazing to build a team.”

“These are youth that come from a variety of places in the world. They come by themselves through all the dangers and with nothing more than what is on them. Our job is to maintain them and keep them safe. They come with no relatives and our responsibility is to find their family and a proper home for them,” says Direct Care Supervisor, Jamie Acosta. “It’s rewarding to see that they are very happy here. They are very grateful.”

Our El Monte and Yucaipa staff look forward to serving these children as we enter 2023.

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