Former At-Risk Teen and Trinity Youth Services Graduate, Manuel Munoz, Finds Success as LA Business Owner 

1st of October 2021

With the right support, at-risk youth can become resilient and successful adults. Manuel Munoz is a shining example of a how determination, patience, kindness, and support can give teens a better future. 

A proud graduate of Trinity Youth Services’ STRTP program, Manuel was surrounded by caring adults who invested in his future and gave him extra support in transforming challenging behaviors resulting from trauma.  

While in the program, Manuel learned the value of structure, and how to succeed financially, which helped him create his own successful business called Integrate LA, an apparel manufacturing company located in downtown Los Angeles. “We make samples, patterns and grading. We also do printing and embroidery,” says Manuel. 

Before coming to Trinity Youth Services, Manuel’s life was unstable and challenging, but deep inside, he wanted to have a better life. When he began working with the Trinity staff, Manuel was introduced to a new environment that helped him reach his full potential. 

According to Manuel, “Being at Trinity Youth Services helped me learn different things that I would be needing as I got older, such as saving money and having structure.  I also got to experience things I had never experienced before, such as going bike riding in Malibu or going hiking in the canyons.” 

One of the biggest challenges Manuel faced, was learning how to understand people, and see things from their perspective. He also learned how to follow rules, which was instrumental in helping him decrease challenging behaviors and achieve his goals in a timely manner. 

Working closely with the Trinity Youth Services staff allowed Manuel to feel respected and safe. According to Manuel, “A lot of the Trinity staff where amazing. They would try to relate to us and make us feel like we weren’t criminals. They also treated us with respect as long as we respected them.” 

Now an accomplished business owner, Manuel is passionate about inspiring current at-risk youth, because he believes that they can succeed. Manuel recently visited our El Monte campus, and bought pizza and soda for all the youth while inspiring them with his story. Cathleen Duran, El Monte Recreation Coordinator, was very impressed with Manuel’s success and stated, “Our youth enjoyed talking with him.” 

His advice to youth who want to follow in his footsteps is, “Keep going, stay hungry and never settle.” To find out more about Manuel Munoz, visit 

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