Trinity Community Star: Former LA Foster Youth, Lana-Christy Starr, Celebrates Beating the Odds, Delivers a Powerful Message to Those Considering Foster Parenting

24th of September 2021

“Anyone can be helped, supported, and have a change of heart and mind.  No one in this world is a lost cause.  I don’t care where they are, where they come from or what they have done, even though some of society would say otherwise,” says Lana-Christy Starr, former foster youth, life coach and motivational speaker.

Lana-Christy is an accomplished entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, life coach and business consultant whose life mission is helping youth and adults of all ages become successful in life. 

Although Lana-Christy has a long list of achievements, her journey to becoming the successful woman she is today was a challenging one. As a former foster youth who beat the odds, Lana-Christy faced major obstacles growing up. According to Lana, “I have overcome a lot of different challenges, including mental illness (depression/anger issues), behavioral issues, homelessness, and complex internal issues from feeling alone in a world without having a biological family, and so much more.  

In spite of the overwhelming obstacles she endured, Lana-Christy always had a desire to live a better life. “Being that I have always had a deep desire for more—for change, for love, and to love myself, I believe it was part of my destiny.  It took so many years for me to get where I am now, and it’s still a journey even though I have overcome so many challenges.” 

Like most foster youth, Lana-Christy needed guidance, love and support from caring adults who could help her heal her pain and create a better future. According to Lana-Christy, “I started going to counseling at a very young age, and I have always had to receive some type of support throughout the years to deal with life and the self-hatred I experienced as a direct effect of trauma.   

I also received ministry counseling, which finally helped me when I turned 30-years-old. I also attended a lot of classes, enrolled in school, workshops, and conferences to change my perspective and my life. I’ve had a desire to help others not experience the pain, torment, and the ocean of problems I have faced.”  

There is a strong belief that youth who have had tough childhoods can’t become successful, but Lana-Christy’s story is one that shows that success comes from caring adults, and the willingness to get help. “I see myself as striving for success, which is not in who I am, but in what I can give and do with what I become, says Lana-Christy.  My success is not by my might.  My success comes from me working on myself to become more nurturing, and compassionate to the reality of who I am internally, and who I came from.   

It also comes from understanding that everything is ok, even when it does not look ok or feel ok all of the time.  My success is because of God, which has helped me have the capabilities as well as the courage to face myself-the good and the bad, and take the necessary actions for positive change.”

Some of the biggest life lessons Lana-Christy has learned is: “Life doesn’t determine what will happen to you, who  you’ll become or where you will go.  It is up to each person to determine that and to rewrite their own outcome, whether it’s positive or negative. Don’t submit to accepting less than what you deserve based off of the low place you think you’re in. Tell your mind how to think and what to believe, because thoughts are produced by the familiar (your past).  Tell yourself who you are, and how powerful you are. You can overcome and become what you put your mind to for the good if you are willing to wait and invest in yourself. Believe that you are loved and allow yourself to be loved by anyone who wants to place a healthy deposit in your life”

As a passionate life coach who helps people heal trauma, Lana-Christy shares a special message to our youth: “Your existence and relevance in life is not based off what you have or where you come from. Who you are is strategically designed for a purpose. You are made for more. You just have to believe it and not allow your emotions to dictate your value or worth. You are valuable, and are able to write your own story and complete it, but it’s contingent on how hard you are willing to fight for yourself. No one can love you more than you can love yourself.”

For potential foster parents who are on the fence about fostering, Lana-Christy’s encouragement is: “What I know to be the truth is that Perfect love casts out fear. Most of us as human beings, especially those in the foster care system, or youth who were adopted, are walking around in fear. We feel fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear from trauma, as well as experience a generational fear that’s been passed down through our bloodline.  What has been proven is that when we choose to walk in perfect love, which is a love that is strong, patient, flexible, humble and steadfast, love wins.”

“Things may not always go the way we think they should go. There are times when it won’t seem logical to love someone who has behavioral problems, but most people just want and absolutely need love.  Love is not a foolish, gullible exhortation.  It is a strong, sober decision to do what benefits the child or teen in order for them to become healthy, balanced, and strong individuals,” says Lana. 

Through her company, MzLana Christy’s Enlightenment L.L.C., Lana-Christy operates a Resource Center that provides a variety of services, including life coaching, business grant resources, ghostwriting services, resource referrals and more. Lana looks forward to helping foster youth with counseling, coaching, and employment preparation.

 A celebrated author, Lana’s first book, You Are Far More Valuable Than You Know and her second book, A Little Reminder to Love You More, are available on Amazon. To learn more about Lana, visit her website at 

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