Fostering Gave Me A Purpose: Trinity Foster Mom Eva Geranton, Shares Her Story of Unconditional Love

8th of August 2020

Having unconditional love for children is one of the biggest reasons people become foster parents. The desire to give support to a child in crisis and see their growth is one of the biggest rewards of foster parenting. Eva Gerantan, along with her husband, dedicate their time and love to children in need, and have helped over 30 children receive the care and nurturing they need to thrive.

Eva has been a Trinity foster parent for 7 years, and just adopted three-year-old Cooper. “I have eight kids total, and I am in the process of adopting two little girls, ages 4 and 3. I became a Trinity foster parent because we checked a few agencies, but came to Trinity because the staff were friendly and helpful. My social workers Lynette and Roomina, are amazing. They taught me how to fill out paperwork properly, and if I needed anything, they got back with me quickly, and I appreciate that,” Eva said.

“The most rewarding thing about being a foster parent is when that moment comes when a child realizes that you’re their person. I think that’s the best. I’ve had around 30 kids, and to see kids go back to their families, see them grow and get the help they need is rewarding,” she said.

Adopting and helping at-risk foster youth was something that was planted in Eva’s heart as a youth. According to Eva, “I adopted because when I was a teen, our mayor was married to the Chief of Police. We lived by an impoverished Native American reservation, and there were a lot of kids in foster care, but there weren’t a lot of homes. The mayor and the Chief of Police took in a lot of babies, so I’d go volunteer to help feed them.”

Her desire to help youth at an early age followed her well into adulthood, and even though Eva was a proud, devoted mom, she wanted to do something special that would make a positive difference in children’s lives. “I had four biological boys and when they went to school, I knew my kids needed me to be at home. My husband recommended that we foster so that I’d have something important to do with my time and be home with the kids. It’s a calling and it fills your heart. It gave me a purpose,” Eva explained.

When asked what advice she’d give to potential foster parents, Eva said, “You can’t judge the child’s parents. Don’t see them as being bad or that they shouldn’t get their kids back. Have a tender heart to work with them and be gracious to them. We help families, not just kids. You have to have an open mind.”

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