Keeping Your Child Healthy, Happy and Informed During the Coronavirus Outbreak

20th of March 2020

The Coronavirus has shaken families across the world, including Trinity’s resource parents. If you are concerned about how to keep your family safe, and what to do to keep your children occupied while they are out of school, here are some helpful tips that will make life easier in these challenging times.

Have a Family Meeting

Although we are all still learning details about the Coronavirus, we can communicate what we know to our family members about how to stay safe from contracting the virus. Keeping your hands washed, distancing yourself from others, and avoiding touching your face are simple ways to stay healthy. For the latest updates, visit the CDC website.

Reduce Stress

Although most Americans have been ordered to stay home, there are things you can do to make it more enjoyable for your family. Some examples include watching funny movies, playing board games, reading a book, watching educational videos, cooking together, or having a dance contest/talent show. All of these things will bring you closer together and will allow you to have fun, even during this stressful time.

Help Your Child Deal with Their Emotions

For children in foster care, the affects of the Coronavirus may leave them feeling even more isolated, not being able to see their families, go to school, engage in their usual activists or be with their friends. If your child is showing signs of sadness, reassure them that you are there for them. Encourage them to make phone calls, utilize FaceTime, Skype or Duo. They can also write letters to their families, or send them emails in order to help them stay in touch.

Check back for more helpful tips on our blog during this unique time. We are wishing all our resource families safety and are here to support you during this challenging time.

florence-1Eve PowersFoster Care Marketing Specialist
Eve has a strong commitment to helping foster youth and their families thrive and live successful lives. A former foster youth, Eve obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Communications from California State University, San Bernardino, and is a certified Holistic Life Coach, motivational writer, self-help author and celebrity interviewer. Beyond the Trinity Youth Services blog, Eve’s articles can be found in numerous platforms including Foster Focus Magazine, Heart & Soul Magazine, BET Centric and Huffington Post. A passionate advocate for the LGBTQ community, Eve continues to educate, support and mentor foster youth throughout Southern California.

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