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Community-Based Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

Upon referral, the client or student is assessed and a treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the Child and Family Team. The program’s goal is to provide treatment and supports while maintaining the client or student in their current school and/or home setting. A therapist is assigned to work with each client and evidence-based interventions are utilized that are delivered through individual and family therapy sessions. The therapist ensures that the client’s goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-related), based on the diagnosis, and interventions specifically address the clients individual assessed needs. Services can include, but are not limited to, individual therapy, group therapy, specialty groups, family therapy and therapeutic behavioral services. Evidence based programs sometimes used include, but are not limited to Seeking Safety, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Managing Adaptive Practices, and Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The client’s treatment goals and interventions are developed through the collaboration of the Child and Family Team that can include the client, family, therapist, school representative, school psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, probation officer, friends/community supports, TBS coach, nurse, and other clinical personnel. The team meets as needed, but in no event less than once each quarter, to review progress and adjust goals and measure outcomes to ensure success.

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