6 Reasons to Consider Fostering Teens

Do you love being a foster parent, and want to add another member to your family? Opening your home to a teenager could be a great choice! There are many benefits to raising a teen. Contrary to popular belief, teens want a loving family, stability and guidance just like any child would. Trauma-affected teens have an even stronger desire to have a connection to a parental figure.

Did you know that teens who do not have a caring adult in their lives often suffer from suicide ideation, depression, and lack a positive self-identity? According to a recent study, teens without positive role models often find it difficult to find employment and suffer from a variety of mental health challenges.

If you have the heart to change a young person’s life, here are some reasons to consider fostering a teen:

  1. Teens Are More Independent: Unlike raising infants or small children, teenagers can dress themselves, catch the bus to school on their own, wash their own clothes and help with chores around the house.
  1. Teens Can Teach You New Things: Teenagers often know the latest tech gadgets, hairstyles and fashions. Since they attend school, they can teach you about the things they’ve learned and give you a fresh perspective on a variety of topics.
  1. Raising Teens Can Be Fun! Teens can be great company when they get to know you and feel safe. When they feel like they are a part of a family, and are loved unconditionally, they will often participate in family game night, attend events with you and even plan family outings.
  1. Create Lasting Bonds: As teens transition to adulthood, many stay in touch with their foster parents, and even visit them. You can create a unique bond with them that lasts a lifetime. Since they are closer to adulthood than smaller children, they can put your teachings and the skills you taught them directly into practice. You may see the impact you’ve made on their lives and the share in their successes.
  1. You Can Make a Difference by Sharing Your Life Experiences: Teens can create an emotional bond with people they feel understand them. When you discuss some of your life experiences, especially those that they can relate to, they can learn from some of your past actions and make wiser choices. Sharing some of your story can truly help them.
  2. You Can Help a Teen Build A Strong Foundation: You can help a teen transition into a successful adult by teaching them life skills, helping them with their college endeavors, and giving them advice about relationships, friendships and employment. Your influence in a teen’s life can help them realize their full potential and create a new, successful life.

If you are considering fostering a teen in need of unconditional love and support, contact Trinity Youth Services at 888.346.9645 for more information.

florence-1Florence EdwardsFoster Care Marketing Specialist
Florence has a strong commitment to helping foster youth and their families thrive and live successful lives. A former foster youth, Florence obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Communications from California State University, San Bernardino, and is a certified Holistic Life Coach, motivational writer, self-help author and celebrity interviewer. Beyond the Trinity Youth Services blog, Florence’s articles can be found in numerous platforms including Foster Focus Magazine, Heart & Soul Magazine, BET Centric and Huffington Post. A passionate advocate for the LGBTQ community, Florence continues to educate, support and mentor foster youth throughout Southern California.

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