Forming a Family: A Young Couple’s Steps Toward Adoption

Foster Care
Foster Care


Considering Foster Care and Adoption

Jake and Kendra are a young couple who desired to have a family of their own. Although they were not able to achieve this goal through traditional means, they had the faith to believe that these dreams would become a reality through foster care and adoption.

Making the First Step

They felt it was divine intervention that their very first placement would turn their lives upside down in such a joyous way. Their first foster placement was a happy little boy that allowed the couple to express love that stretched beyond bloodline. The family loved the child with all that was in them, despite the risk of breaking their own heart should family reunification occur. Their love and bond for this young boy was witnessed by social workers, family and friends. He looked to Jake and Kendra with such passion and they returned this affection.

After a time, the family accepted placement for another infant, a joyful baby girl. Although they didn’t think that their hearts could expand any further, this young child was grafted into their heart and they welcomed her and loved her with the same intensity, again, at the risk of breaking their own hearts.

Jake and Kendra sought the assistance of foster care to allow them the opportunity to expand their family and give them the chance to love a child—either until they returned home or until they could make them part of their forever family. To see them interact with the children, it is clear that their hearts were filled with love as they shared smiles, wisdom, hugs, warmth and security to the children in their care.  Foster care has allowed them the ability to change and transform the lives of these two beautiful, loving children.

Forming a Family

Trinity Youth Services is pleased to report that there is a pending adoption hearing intended to forever link this family together. We celebrate with this family and honor them for their commitment to provide love and compassion to the children in their care. We thank them for their willingness to allow us to be part of the journey, as we look forward to celebrating their adoption story. Thank you Jake and Kendra for demonstrating that love is always worth putting your heart on the line.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

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