Trinity Campus Director Gil Quinbar Wins 10K at Trinity Classic

25th of October 2017

winner of trinity classic 2017

On October 23rd, the Children’s Foundation of America hosted its annual Trinity Classic Golf Tournament at the South Hills Country Club. Participants gathered hopefully as a bucketful of balls was dropped from a helicopter and onto the green. The $10,000 prize would be awarded to the person whose golf ball was closest to the hole.

helicopter ball drop 2017 trinity classic
The grand prize winner, Gil Quinbar—Campus Director of Trinity Youth Services’ residential therapeutic program Yucaipa—was chosen out of nearly 150 participants that attended this year’s event. “I was so excited to see the helicopter drop the golf balls. I couldn’t believe it when they announced my name!” he recalled.

Trinity Classic Winner Donates 5K Back to Trinity Youth Services

helicopter ball drop trinity classic

Gil has spent nearly thirty years working for Trinity Youth Services, starting as a counselor and working his way up to campus director. After hearing of his win, Gil immediately donated half of the proceeds back to Trinity. “I know where the money is going and what a huge impact it has on the kids,” he explained. When asked what he will do with the other half of the money, Gil replied, “Everyone is getting really nice Christmas presents this year.”

As Campus Director, Gil is responsible for the well-being of several adolescent boys who need more care and structure than most foster families can provide. Through this short-term residential program, these boys learn the healthy behaviors they need to grow into well-adjusted adults. All proceeds raised from the Trinity Classic go to Trinity Youth Services to provide necessary support services to children in residential programs, foster care and those waiting to be adopted.

Support is vital to continue programs for local children in need. Click here to find out how you can get involved.

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