Trinity Community Star: The Luzuriaga Foundation 

1st of August 2021

Marjorie LuzuriagaThe Luzuriaga Foundation is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that empowers youth in need, through writing letters. Recently, The Luzuriaga Foundation reached out to Trinity Youth Services after being inspired by our work to create a better future for foster youth.  

Their dedicated volunteers sent some amazing letters to our youth in order to help them feel special and encouraged. View some of the letters below. Founded by Marjorie Luzuriaga, a rising junior at Larchmont Charter High School, The Luzuriaga Foundation began at the beginning of the quarantine, in 2020.  

According to Marjorie, “The non-profit organization all began with an idea at midnight. COVID was at its peak, and I wanted to figure out a way for the less fortunate to connect with others across the globe.” The Luzuriaga Foundation now has hundreds of volunteers of all ages, who have written to youth across the world, and has also donated to programs such as the Adopt-a-Family at UCLA Children’s Hospital, the Los Angeles Mission, and the Youth Emerging Stronger homeless shelter in Los Angeles.  

One of Marjorie’s missions is helping her foundation expand globally, and she is accomplishing her dream. “We have reached over 600 volunteers! It has been overwhelming with the amount of support this foundation has received,” says Marjorie. 

Truly passionate about helping youth, Marjorie believes in the power of affirmations, and encourages youth to utilize them. When asked what advice she’d give to youth struggling with self-confidence, her response was, “The best advice I could give is BE YOU! Being yourself is the best thing you can do because each one of us is unique. I recommend saying daily affirmations like, ‘I can do this!’ or ‘I dream, I believe, I receive!’ By saying these daily affirmations continuously, you will begin believing in yourself,” says Marjorie.

Creating more happiness in the lives of youth in crisis is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a volunteer. According to Marjorie, “I love seeing their smiles when they receive their letters. It makes everything worth it.” 

For more information about The Luzuriaga Foundation, visit their Instagram and Facebook pages. To volunteer, apply here.


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