Trinity Youth Services Honors Liz Williams, Founder of A Suitcase of Hope, for Generous Donation to Foster Youth 

3rd of May 2021

suitcases of hope

In honor of National Foster Care Month, Trinity Youth Services recognizes extraordinary community advocates who passionately support local foster youth. Liz Williams, affectionately known as “Ms. Liz,” is a champion for youth. Her favorite quote is, “Blessed to be a Blessing,” and blessing others is truly how she lives her life.  

Ms. Liz has always had a big heart for helping youth create success in their lives. She was inspired to create an organization called The Purpose Center LLC, in order to be a blessing to those in search of living out their purpose. 

“Being that I was in youth ministry for 43 years, youth will always be a part of my life,” she explained. Even though she’s retired from being a youth leader, Ms. Liz read an article about foster children arriving to homes with what little belongings they had in a trash bag and felt called to get involved. According to Ms. Liz, It pulled at my heart strings to want to help. I knew it was a cause I wanted to champion for, and I launched A Suitcase of Hope.”  

Always taking an active role in her community, Ms. Liz felt inspired to help foster youth at Trinity Youth Services by donating new suitcases and $1,280.00 to our Rancho Cucamonga office. Ms. Liz truly believes that giving to others is her purpose. “When we live outside of ourselves, we will always find purpose. I was born a giver and was called to live outside of myself and make things happen for others, because God would always see that my needs would be met,” said Ms. Liz.  

A devoted community activist, Ms. Liz started helping youth by helping them fulfill their community service requirements. “I knew it was important for youth to have community service hours listed on college applications, and there is no better way to do that than to serve the community. I began signing up for community projects and bringing in the youth to help out,” she said.

When asked what she loves most about helping her community, Ms. Liz replied, “Helping others not only helps them, it also helps me. I love the way I feel when helping or coordinating an event.” Although Ms. Liz is retired, she continues to donate her time and energy to worthy causes.  

According to Ms. Liz, The Purpose Center LLC, is a still a work in progress. Knowing about the various long-term benefits of community service, Ms. Liz said, “My eyes and ears will always be open for the next opportunity to help.” She encourages other people to start supporting their community, get involved whether hands-on or by giving your time and resources as well as monetary donations. 

If you would like to support the foster youth at Trinity Youth Services, contact our Mission office at 909-426-0773 ext. 222, or by sending an email to 

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