Former World Champion Boxer, Celebrity TV Host and Fitness Advocate, Laila Ali, Empowers Trinity’s Youth, Donates her Inspiring Autobiography, Reach! 

10th of December 2020

Trinity Youth Services has teamed up with undefeated Four-Time World Champion, Laila Aliwho is passionate about empowering youth and helping them become winners in life. After learning about Trinity Youth Services’ Celebrity Love Project, Laila was thrilled to donate her book, Reach 

According to Laila“I’m donating my book Reach! Finding Strength, Spirit and Personal Power to the Celebrity Love Project because I know it will reach those who can benefit from it the most. I wrote Reach! with young girls in mind in hopes that it will offer them guidance and inspiration to find the power within!” 

The daughter of the late boxing icon and humanitarian, Muhammad Ali, Laila is the most successful female boxer of all time. Currently the host of Emmy Award Winning show, Home Made Simple, on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), Laila has taken fitness to a new level through the Laila Ali Lifestyle, which she says is “A way of life that is all about being authentic and consistently doing the work that it takes to improve yourself by replenishing your health, replenishing your mindset, and replenishing your purpose.” She coaches thousands of people on their health and wellness journey and helps them become the best version of themselves. 

In Reach, a gripping and inspiring true story about her life, Laila imparts the wisdom shes learned throughout her toughest years growing up, surviving abuse and how she transformed her life. IReach!, Laila writes “Success is about staying focused. Never quitting. Overcoming obstacles. Obstacles will inevitably appear, but if you’re sure of what you’re doing and steady in your pursuit, you will overcome them. The strength of your conviction will knock them down.”  

If you are interested in helping foster youth thrive and overcome trauma, contact Eve Powers at or 909-825-5588 ext. 230, to schedule a free Foster Parent Orientation. 

florence-1Eve PowersFoster Care Marketing Specialist
Eve has a strong commitment to helping foster youth and their families thrive and live successful lives. A former foster youth, Eve obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Communications from California State University, San Bernardino, and is a certified Holistic Life Coach, motivational writer, self-help author and celebrity interviewer. Beyond the Trinity Youth Services blog, Eve’s articles can be found in numerous platforms including Foster Focus Magazine, Heart & Soul Magazine, BET Centric and Huffington Post. A passionate advocate for the LGBTQ community, Eve continues to educate, support and mentor foster youth throughout Southern California.

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