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Become a Foster Parent

Trinity is seeking to certify families or individuals, regardless of religious affiliation, ethnicity, race, whether they are male or female, single or married, working or retired, with or without children, or identify LGBTQ. Trinity strives to maintain sibling relationships and therefore values families who are willing and able to care for sibling groups and/or who are committed to arranging frequent sibling visits. We want to partner with you and your family to assist you through the steps to become a foster/resource parent. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process.

Online Inquiry
Fill out the short questionnaire below, so that we can match you with a staff member can get reach out to you to start the process.

A staff member will schedule you for a two hour overview of Trinity Youth Services and the programs it offers through foster care and adoptions and what it means to be a resource parent.

Completion of online application and pre-approval forms and documents.

Pre-approval training consists of both online and in person training components.

Home Visits/Home Study
This step has three main components.
1.) Initial walk through
2.) 1-2 home inspections walkthroughs
3.) 3 in-person interviews


Please take the first step by filling out the questionnaire below or call our toll-free number at 888.346.9645.

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